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LEGO® Star Wars™ exhibition

For 20 years the LEGO® Star Wars universe has been built, rebuilt and expanded. Now we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary in LEGO House with a historical throwback, where you get the chance to see original models from the past 20 years. The exhibitions can be seen in History Collection throughout 2019.

Designer's Choice Exhibition
Take a trip down the LEGO Star Wars memory lane and see which models that made it through the Designer’s Choice. 10 LEGO Star Wars Designers were asked to pick out their three favourite models from the past 20 years.

LEGO Star Wars minifigure collection
You will also get the opportunity to see a truly special LEGO Star Wars minifigure exhibition, containing each of the almost 1,100 minifigures from the Star Wars collection. Bonus info about this unique collection is that it’s a fan who has managed to gather all of them. 

Star Wars activity from March 8 to March 29 in LEGO House

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