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LEGO® House is a 12.000 m2 unique experience house in Denmark

What is LEGO® House?

LEGO® House is a 12.000 m2 unique experience house placed in Billund, Denmark - the Home of the Brick. Here LEGO fans of all ages will get the ultimate LEGO experience.
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Sit by the DUPLO waterfall, let your creative minds flow and build something fun

The Experience Zones

A ticket for LEGO House gives you access to the six Experience Zones and a world of unique LEGO play.

Go behind the scenes

LEGO® House has been underway for seven years. Get a sneak peek and discover the plans and visions that went into its making.

60th anniversary party for the LEGO® brick

On 28 January, there will be a host of anniversary activities, including admission discounts and cake for everyone.
The public blue terraces

Free admission for all

Tons of free activities await you in LEGO® House. Even without a ticket, you can still visit LEGO Square, play on the terraces, explore the LEGO Shop and find tasty dining experiences at our three restaurants.

Architecture full of character

LEGO® House is comprised of 21 enormous LEGO bricks stacked on top of each other and designed by world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels of the firm BIG.
Build stories and movies in Story Lab in LEGO House Green Zone

Psst — The Green Zone is pretty far out!

Did you know that you can design your own LEGO® Minifigure, direct a personal movie and explore incredible LEGO landscapes in Green Zone?
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