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Join the Fan Tour at LEGO House

LEGO® Fan Tour

All tours are sold out and the sign-up for LEGO® Fan Tour 2019 is therefore closed.

Would you like to spend a day behind the scenes in one of the most exciting LEGO Group locations? Join us on an exclusive one-day tour.

Duration: 1 day

Price: 2499DKK

You will join a group of no more than 20 participants and start off the day by meeting up with your designated guide at LEGO® House. The first tour goes to the original owner’s house, where the LEGO Group adventure started back in 1932. Take in the atmosphere of the original founder’s office and explore the vault to discover the LEGO sets of your childhood.

Then it’s time to head up for a visit to the LEGO factory, where you will see how LEGO bricks are molded. After the factory tour, you will return to LEGO House, where your lunch will be served.

After the lunch, we will take you on an adventurous guided journey through LEGO House, the “Home of the Brick”. You will receive your ticket to the Experience Zones in LEGO House, where you can continue your LEGO experience and we say Farewell to you.

All communication on the LEGO Fan Tour will be in English. LEGO fans taking part in the tour must be at least 7 years old. Children and teenagers between 7 and 17 years must be accompanied by an adult participant.

LEGO Fan tours in 2019 will be held on:

1 March, 15 March, 23 August, 25 October and 8 November 2019.

Please be aware that sign-ups are closed.

Join the LEGO House Fan Tour

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Join the LEGO House Inside Tour

LEGO® Inside Tour

Sign-up for 2019 is closed
Experience the LEGO® Group on a premium guided two-and-a-half day tour. LEGO® Inside Tour is often referred to as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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We’ve collected all the latest LEGO® products at LEGO Store – and a range of unique products exclusively available at LEGO House.

Free monthly mini build

First Thursday in the month
See you the first Thursday of every month for the activity in LEGO® Square. The kids get to keep what they build. 
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