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Book your overnight stay at Hotel LEGOLAND

You can stay as pirates, princesses, knights, adventure heroes or with the girls from LEGO® Friends in our cool LEGO themed rooms.

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Accommodation options

Choose between a wide range of accommodation possibilities in and around Billund. Pick the solution that fits you best.

Stay at Hotel LEGOLAND nearby LEGO House


The 4-star Hotel LEGOLAND® places you smack in the middle of the funnest land ever. You can stay as pirates, princesses, knights, adventure heroes, or with the girls from LEGO® Friends in the cool LEGO themed rooms.
Stay at LEGOLAND Holiday Village near LEGO House

LEGOLAND® Holiday Village

Right next to LEGOLAND® Billund Resort is the vibrant LEGOLAND Holiday Village, with lots of outdoor activities and plenty of room for play. Choose between spending your night in Wild West cabins, Pirate rooms, Wilderness barrels, tipis or the campground.

Stay at Landandia for your visit to LEGO House

Holiday centre

Check the entire family into modern holiday houses and stay under one roof.

Hostels near LEGO House


A budget-friendly alternative for families big and small.

Bed and breakfasts near LEGO House

Bed & Breakfast

Book a private room or an entire local home.

Accomondation Legoland Hotel

Accommodation options

All your options for accommodation in one place.

Explore other areas

Find directions to LEGO House

Start your planning here

We’ve collected a lot of tips on how to enjoy the best possible experience, including the best ways to get here, parking, accommodations and more.
In creative lab you can let down your imaginary hair and strut your creative stuff

What is LEGO® House?

LEGO® House welcomes visitors to a unique world of fun and creative LEGO activities. Discover the magic behind the brand and the endless possibilities for play and learning.
Buy tickets for LEGO House

Buy your tickets in advance

If you buy your tickets in advance you’ll save 30 DKK pr. ticket. And your seat is guaranteed!

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