LEGO House offers a lot of experiences that does not require a ticket

Experiences without a ticket

LEGO® Square is the first point of contact when you enter LEGO House, providing access to the rest of the public area: the LEGO Store, three restaurants and LEGO Forum. LEGO Square is also home to the cloakroom and ticket machines, where you can pick up pre-booked tickets and wristbands for the Experience Zones.

Interview with architect Bjarke Ingels

“LEGO® House is a super important project – not only to BIG and myself, but to millions of people all over the world.” 
– Bjarke Ingels

According to Ingels, the idea for LEGO House was to create “a cloud of interlocking LEGO bricks... a literal manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the LEGO brick.” Twenty-one white bricks are stacked on top of each other, crowned by the Keystone. These huge bricks not only form internal spaces for LEGO House activities, but they also create a covered public square and a series of interconnected terraces and playgrounds for guests to investigate and enjoy. This ensures that LEGO House can be enjoyed both by fans who come to experience the LEGO story and by local residents and visitors to the town of Billund.

Great architecture
See the interview with Bjarke Ingels.

Plenty of possibilities for play on and around LEGO® House

Nine terraces – nine playgrounds
The staggered terraces around LEGO® House feature creative playgrounds for children of all ages. Explore a submarine run aground, take a ride on a spectacular camel swing imported directly from the desert, or hop on a surfboard for a ride through shark-infested waters! And those are just some of the experiences awaiting you.

The playgrounds are designed as small scenarios where kids can let loose and burn some energy. Admission to the playgrounds is free. 

Three squares for play and activities
Three squares dot the landscape around LEGO House:

Ole Kirk’s Square is named after the founder of the LEGO® Group. The square offers direct access to the main entrance of LEGO House.

Byens Square formally belongs to the city of Billund and will be used for public activities in the city. 

Ved Bækken is a wonderful recreational area with room for play and relaxation in green surroundings.  
Continue your play outside LEGO House
Visit LEGO Square outside LEGO House

Explore other areas

Tons of fun awaits in the Experience Zones

The Experience Zones

Tons of fun awaits you in the four coloured zones. Before entering the zones, you’ll pass through Masterpiece Gallery, dedicated to our talented LEGO® fans.
LEGO House is full of great dining experiences with a LEGO twist


LEGO House® is home to three different restaurants that cater to tastes and appetites of all shapes and sizes.

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