Explore all the fun activities in LEGO House Red Zone

Welcome to the Red Zone 

It almost goes without saying that LEGO® bricks are made to stimulate creativity. Everything just clicks when the human mind interacts with these oddly shaped and brightly coloured bricks. Prepare to set your creative competences in motion with cascades of bricks in LEGO Brick Builder and LEGO DUPLO® Builder. In the Creative Lab, a cool teacher will even help you turbocharge your creativity.

Explore all the fun things to see and do in the Red Zone! 
Red LEGO bricks from LEGO House

LEGO® Brick Builder

Endless possibilities.  The LEGO® Brick Builder is a giant waterfall cascading into seemingly bottomless pools of LEGO bricks, just waiting for you to dive in. Create anything that comes to mind with an almost unlimited supply of LEGO bricks!

Play with endless possibilities in the LEGO House Red Zone
Take everything you love about the LEGO Brand. then add a little extra something

Creative Lab

Go nuts.   In the Creative Lab, you can don your virtual lab coat, let down your imaginary hair and strut your creative stuff. Use your creativity and build whatever comes to mind. This 20-minute session is facilitated by an expert LEGO® teacher.

By creative in Creative Lab

LEGO® DUPLO® Brick Builder

The big brick. A small pair of hands is no obstacle for building big – especially with a little grown-up help. At the LEGO® DUPLO® Builder, you and your child will find more DUPLO bricks than you can possibly imagine. Sit by the DUPLO waterfall, let your creative minds flow and build something fun. 

Sit by the DUPLO waterfall, let your creative minds flow and build something fun
LEGO DUPLO fun for your little ones in LEGO House Red Zone
LEGO DUPLO Brick builder

Explore other areas

Build - express and understand emotions in LEGO House Yellow Zone

Yellow Zone – Play with emotions

The Yellow Zone explores the world of emotions. Breathe life into your own LEGO® animals by building fish, spiders, frogs and other creatures.
Design and build your own city in LEGO House Blue Zone

Blue Zone – Play with logic

In the Blue Zone, we test your logic. Seize the chance to be an urban architect. You can also visit Robo Lab to save mammoths frozen in ice.
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