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We are all creative  

Masterpiece Gallery showcases the mindboggling creativity of the LEGO® community. This is where we pay tribute to amazing people who have chosen the LEGO brick as their creative medium and spent countless hours conceptualising, designing, building and perfecting their artistic visions. Masterpiece Gallery is a celebration of the human imagination and the audacity of creation. It is a gallery dedicated to the LEGO builders of the world and features original works from the hands of creative talents. The pieces on exhibit have been handpicked by the gallery’s curators and rotate on a regular basis to ensure that something new and interesting is always on display.

See the greatest artwork created by LEGO fans in LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery

A global network of adult fans 

LEGO® fans of all ages can be found all over the world. In fact, more than 360,000 adults are members of a LEGO community for sharing and discussing creative building ideas. Their shared passion for the LEGO universe has long served as an invaluable source of inspiration for the LEGO Group. You will discover some of these amazing and breathtaking creations in the Masterpiece Gallery. 
LEGO logo on top of key stone in Masterpiece Gallery
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