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History Collection – The official LEGO® history museum

See how a small furniture workshop in Billund, Denmark grew into one of the largest toy brands in the world. Discover hundreds of the most iconic LEGO® sets, swipe through a digital vault to see almost EVERY LEGO set ever made, and perhaps even find your own favourite!

Behind the scenes
Get a glimpse of the History Collection in the video.

The very first LEGO® set

What LEGO® item topped your childhood wish list? Was it the Yellow Castle? A set from LEGO Space or something from LEGO City? History Collection presents hundreds of the most iconic LEGO set ever produced. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even rediscover your personal favourites!

rediscover your personal favourites in the history collection

LEGO® history – a timeline

Follow the Timeline to see some of the products, challenges, and moments that have defined our most important milestones so far, and watch classic TV spots, interviews with LEGO® designers, mini documentaries, and more in the cinema!

The history of the LEGO wheels
Explore the LEGO timeline in History Collection

The LEGO history at a glance

  • Master carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen starts making wooden toys
  • The son of Ole Kirk, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, launches the LEGO system in Play
  • The LEGO Brick launches with the coupling principle we know today, opening up to endless building possibillities
  • The company invents the LEGO Wheel, bringing movement to the LEGO system in play
  • The LEGO DUPLO Brick preschool children launches.
  • The LEGO minifigure is born
  • LEGO Mindstorms and the intelligent RCX brick Launch
  • LEGO Friends Launches
  • The LEGO Movie premiers in cinemas worldwide

Explore other areas

In the masterpiece gallery you can see the dinosaurs

Masterpiece Gallery – amazing masterpieces

Here you will discover the most amazing and breathtaking LEGO® masterpieces, built by LEGO fans from around the world.
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In Critter Creator, you can build a tiny LEGO critter

The Experience Zones

Tons of fun awaits you in the four coloured zones. Before entering the zones, you’ll pass through Masterpiece Gallery, dedicated to our talented LEGO® fans.
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