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MINI CHEF family restaurant

Play while waiting! - Please notice that we are very busy between 12.00 and 15.30. If we don’t have any available tables, you will get a pager that will buzz once a table is ready for you. Then you can continue playing while waiting for a table. It is not possible to book a table in advance. 

Welcome to a fun and playful dining experience, where small chefs have great ambitions for a healthy and well-balanced meal for the whole family.

At MINI CHEF there are minifigures behind the pots. "Although we are small, we can easily have great ambitions - rather small and awake, than big and lazy - as we say". It goes fast in our restaurant, but we do not serve fast food. We believe in the nutritious meal, the best ingredients and the good taste - all with a focus on ecology.

But you are the master builder who puts together your own meal from four categories. You choose one from each category and assemble your menu from LEGO® bricks. Follow your meal when the LEGO box with your food rolls down the conveyor band and to our two happy serving robots Robert and Roberta, who occasionally have a screw loose.

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In most cases, we can take allergens into consideration if you contact the restaurant before ordering.

MINI CHEF opening hours:

MINI CHEF opens at 11.30 AM and closes for last seating when the Experience Zones close. See the Experience Zones opening hours here.

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The MINI CHEF restaurant serves a great lunch or dinner full of LEGO® fun.
Build your own lunch in MINI CHEF
In MINI CHEF you will get your lunch served by robots

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