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LEGO® House offers creative experiences in our six Experience Zones. Start your trip at the Tree of Creativity – one of the world’s largest LEGO builds. Step into the Masterpiece Gallery and see some of the world’s most amazing LEGO masterpieces – built by the world’s most passionate LEGO fans! Continue your trip into the Experience Zones.

- Red Zone: spontaneous creativity and free-building
- Green Zone: roleplay with your own characters and stories
- Blue Zone: put your cognitive skills to the test
- Yellow Zone: play with emotions

End your experience in History Collection where you can explore the archives and dig up the most iconic LEGO sets.

Tree of Creativity

At over 15m tall, the Tree of Creativity is one of the largest LEGO® structures ever built! It took 6,316,611 standard LEGO bricks and 24,350 hours to assemble, and it’s packed with fun details and surprises. It honours our heritage in wooden toys, from the small seed planted back in 1932 to the strong, tall tree the LEGO Group is today.

At over 15m tall, the Tree of Creativity is one of the largest LEGO® structures ever built
Tree of Creativity in bird view
Tree of Creativity close up

Masterpiece Gallery – A tribute to LEGO® fans

When you reach the top of LEGO® House – which resembles a giant LEGO brick – you enter the Masterpiece Gallery. Discover the most amazing LEGO creations, built by LEGO fans from around the world, and be inspired to create your own masterpieces!

In the masterpiece gallery you can see the dinosaurs
in the masterpiece gallery you can see the dinosaurs
See the greatest artwork created by LEGO fans in LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery

Red Zone – Boost your creativity!

Unleash your creative powers in Red Zone and build the creations of your imagination with LEGO® bricks. Dive into an unending supply of bricks for the most ambitious ideas of children and adults alike.

In creative lab you can let down your imaginary hair and strut your creative stuff

Green Zone – Storytelling and role play

Imagine a LEGO® universe built to LEGO minifigure scale! Create your own minifigures, explore the amazing LEGO islands with intricate and surprising details, or how about making your very own LEGO movie?

Create your own stop motion movie

Blue Zone – Play with logic

In Blue Zone you can be an urban architect, or build and race cars in Test Driver. Robo Lab is where physical and digital play meet and merge: play your part in an epic, arctic drama, rescue minifigures, and save the day!

Come an city architect in Blue Zone

Yellow Zone – Play with emotions 

Yellow Zone lets you breathe life into your very own creative LEGO® animals. Build fish and other sea creatures, set them free in the giant aquariums, and watch them thrive among sharks and octopi! Build spiders, frogs, snails, and other bugs that magically dance, slither and crawl, or beautiful flora in Flower Artist.

In Critter Creator, you can build a tiny LEGO critter
Build your own LEGO flowers in Flower Artist and place them in the LEGO meadow

History Collection – The official LEGO® history museum

See how a small furniture workshop in Billund, Denmark grew into one of the largest toy brands in the world. Discover hundreds of the most iconic LEGO® sets, swipe through a digital vault to see almost EVERY LEGO set ever made, and perhaps even find your own favourite!

The LEGO logo in History Collection

6 Bricks Factory – Keep building with just six bricks

Stop by our 6 Bricks Factory and collect your free LEGO® 6 Bricks bag with freshly made LEGO bricks and your own, unique building instructions. We hope you will find inspiration for a lifetime of creativity - and keep building!

farewell zone and six brick combinations
LEGO® 6 Bricks bag with freshly made LEGO bricks

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