Explore all Experience Zones in LEGO House

LEGO® House Experience Zones

The layout of LEGO® House follows the structure of the five learning competences activated through play.

In the Red Zone, we have made plenty of room for creativity. The Green Zone is all about social play. In the Blue Zone, we stimulate your cognitive abilities, while emotions take centre stage in the Yellow Zone. The outdoor areas cater for physical play and letting off some steam.

Within each brightly colour-coded zone, we have bundled together some really awesome play activities that are waiting for you to explore. 

Red Zone – Play with creativity 

Unleash your creative powers in Red Zone and build the creations of your imagination with LEGO® bricks. Red Zone has an unending supply of bricks for the most ambitious ideas of children and adults alike.

Play with endless possibilities in the LEGO House Red Zone

Green Zone – Play with others

Imagine a LEGO® universe built to LEGO minifigure scale. Join together on an exploration of all the intricate and surprising details. Or how about making your very own LEGO movie?

Build characters and stories in LEGO House Green Zone

Blue Zone – Play with logic

Have you ever wondered how a city is planned? Blue Zone gives you the chance to be an urban architect. You can also visit Robo Lab and control the robots tasked with saving a bunch of LEGO® minifigures in trouble.

Design and build your own city in LEGO House Blue Zone

Yellow Zone – Play with emotions 

The Yellow Zone lets you breathe life into your very own LEGO® animals. Build fish and set them loose in the giant aquariums to make their way amongst sharks and octopi. Or you can build spiders, frogs, snails and other creatures that magically slither and crawl.

Build - express and understand emotions in LEGO House Yellow Zone

Masterpiece Gallery – LEGO® masterpieces from around the world 

The top of LEGO® House – which resembles a giant LEGO brick – is home to Masterpiece Gallery. Here you will discover the most amazing and breathtaking LEGO masterpieces, built by LEGO fans from around the world.

See the amazing fan creations in LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery

History Collection – an incredible tale 

The story of how a small furniture workshop in Billund became a world-renowned brand is not one story – but many stories. In the History Collection, you’ll also discover hundreds of the most iconic LEGO sets ever made – and perhaps you’ll even find your own favourite set from long ago...

Discover iconic LEGO sets at the History Collection in LEGO House
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