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Story Lab

In Story Lab, you will be writing and directing your own LEGO® stop-motion movie. You will choose the scenes, select the characters and choose the props.

In Story Lab, learners in 4th-6th grade will participate in a 60-minute hands-on, minds-on activity. The Story Lab programme is a part of the Green Zone in LEGO House, and therefore, learners will work in-depth with some of the crucial social skills:

Communication and storytelling: Though a scene built out of LEGO elements, learners will create a story and practise their communication and storytelling skills in a fun and engaging way.

Negotiating rules and building empathy:
Through collaboration with fellow learners, learners must discuss different ideas and suggestions to come up with one shared story. Learners will practise how to understand the perspectives of others through sharing ideas in a playful environment. 

In Story Lab, you will be writing and directing your own LEGO stop-motion movie

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