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Ticket prices

Tickets should be purchased in advance if you want to make sure to get access to the Experience Zones.

LEGO House Billund - Ticket prices adults

Ticket prices adults

Adults 13 years+:

199 DKK

LEGO House Billund - Ticket prickes children

Ticket prices children

Children 3-12 years: 199 DKK

Children 0-2 years: Free

LEGO House Billund - Ticket prices groups

Ticket prices groups

Groups of 20 or more:

Send an email to for prices.

Remember to book tickets in advance

LEGO® House can be visited without a ticket. Entry to the Experience Zones requires a ticket, just like in the cinema. You can buy tickets here. 

Assistants to disabled persons are admitted free of charge - read more here.
School visits – read more here.
Any available tickets can be purchased at the LEGO House entrance.

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You can now pre-book your tickets to LEGO House! Find an available date and time for your visit, and stay as long as you like!

Tons of fun awaits in the Experience Zones

The Experience Zones

Tons of fun awaits you in the four coloured zones. Before entering the zones, you’ll pass through Masterpiece Gallery, dedicated to our talented LEGO® fans.
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