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Parking options in Billund

LEGO® House parking garage
In the middle of Billund’s pedestrian street and just a stone’s throw from LEGO® House, you’ll find the LEGO House parking garage on Hovedgaden 24.

Parking in the garage is payable by credit card at the exit. Or you can get a ticket that can be paid at the LEGO House Information desk or pay stations in the parking garage.

It is also possible to park in our car park at Granvej 9, which is suited for bigger vehicles as well. Parking is free of charge. 

Notice the parking rules for Billund down town – they are often only up to two hours of free parking. 

Parking fee:
Price: 10 DKK per hour or part of an hour in the parking garage. Pay when exiting the facility.

Parking at the Granvej 9 facility is free.

Find directions to LEGO House

You can travel to LEGO® House in many ways....

Directions to LEGO House by car

By car

If driving to LEGO® House by car, enter the following address into your GPS: 
Ole Kirks Plads 1
7190 Billund
Directions to LEGO House by bus

By bus

Take one of the many busses departing from surrounding towns and get off at the Billund Center bus stop.


Directions to LEGO House by train

By train

The nearest train stations are Vejle, Kolding, Fredericia and Give, where you can take the bus to LEGO® House.


Directions to LEGO House by plane

By air

Billund International Airport, located just 3 kilometres from LEGO® House, offers direct flights to most of Europe.

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Find directions to LEGO House

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