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Welcome to the Yellow Zone

Understanding, expressing and regulating our emotions help us build confidence and make reasoned choices in life. Luckily, playing is a great way to practice these skills.

Feel free to have plenty of fun and flex your emotional competences as you build sea creatures in Fish Designer, jazz it up in Critter Creator or find a moment of zen in Flower Artist.

Explore all the fun things to see and do in the Yellow Zone!

Fish Designer Fish Designer

Build a fish. In the award winning experience Fish Designer, you can build your very own LEGO® fish, scan it and release it into the huge aquarium. Think you can create a sea creature prettier than a rainbow parrotfish or more dangerous than the legendary Kraken? And how will it get along with the other creatures in the tank?

Build your own LEGO fish and bring it alive in the digital aquarium

Critter Creator Critter Creator

Itsy Bitsy Spider! In Critter Creator, you can build a tiny LEGO® critter and watch your creation come to life as it hops, jumps, slides, glides, and even breaks into some crazy dance moves. Change the expression on your critter and see how its behaviour changes. It just proves that little animals have feelings too. At least these ones do.

In Critter Creator, you can build a tiny LEGO critter
A busy bee at work in Yellow Zone

Flower Artist Flower Artist

Flower power. Take a short breather in the Flower Garden and enjoy the amazing view of the Tree of Creativity. This is also where you can build your very own LEGO® flower and plant it in the LEGO meadow.

Build your very own LEGO flower and plant it in the LEGO meadow.
Relax in the Flower Garden in Yellow Zone in LEGO House
Digital Play in Yellow Zone

DUPLO Mood Builder LEGO® DUPLO® Mood Builder

Build a mood. Building animals with emotions is a fun way for adults and children to express themselves and a great way to discuss empathy. Use the DUPLO® bricks with the different facial expressions to have a little talk about emotions with your child. Why is the frog frightened, and how can we cheer up a sad snail?

LEGO House where LEGO bricks grow on trees

Explore other areas

Be an architect for a day in City Architect in Blue Zone

Blue Zone – Play with logic

In the Blue Zone, we test your logic. Seize the chance to be an urban architect. You can also visit Robo Lab to save mammoths frozen in ice.
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In creative lab you can let down your imaginary hair and strut your creative stuff

Red Zone – Play with creativity

Unleash your creative powers in the Red Zone and build the creations of your imagination with LEGO® bricks.
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