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The magical wristband

In LEGO® House physical and digital play is combined, when you scan your magical wristband.

With the wristband you can bring the LEGO bricks to life so that the game continues in the digital world. Scan your LEGO fish and bring it to life in the digital aquarium. Scan your minifigure and splash it on the cover of a magazine. Make your own LEGO stop motion video, which will surely be this year's blockbuster. And don't forget to take a selfie with the many creative builds you build during your visit. All your memories will be stored on your wristband and can be downloaded here.

Capture your memories with a selfie on the selfie stations
Explore LEGO House on one of the digital map stations
Scan your fish and bring it to live in the digital aquarium

Your memories - captured on video

When you finish your visit in LEGO® House, a truly unique and personal video with your memories from the day will be magically generated. Then you can quickly and easily save and share the highlights of your visit with your friends, family and on social media.

The LEGO® House app

Start your LEGO® House experience before the visit. With the LEGO House app, you can explore the house and help the minifigures find their way to LEGO House. Unlock the various spaces and explore and see who lives where.

It is also possible to download your memories from the LEGO House app.

LEGO House app
See your own LEGO work at the map stations in LEGO House
take a selfie with your LEGO figure in LEGO House

Explore other areas

In Critter Creator, you can build a tiny LEGO critter

The Experience Zones

Tons of fun awaits you in the four coloured zones. Before entering the zones, you’ll pass through Masterpiece Gallery, dedicated to our talented LEGO® fans.
Annual pass to LEGO House - Come again and again and again...

Annual Pass - Come again and again

With an Annual Pass to the world's best playdate, you can visit LEGO® House as often as you like. Come by the information and transform your ticket to an Annual Pass while you are visiting.
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